Sierra Wireless Aircard Hub


• No set-up requiredTelstra 4G Wifi Hotspot
• Network storage compatible
• Antenna for improved signal
• Secure Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Tech Specs:
• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
• Full UPnP + DLNA support
• Up to 16 Wi-Fi Devices
• Up to 4 Ethernet Devices
• Up to 2 USB Devices

4G access on all your devices: Enjoy 4G speeds on all your Wi-Fi enabled devices e.g. Tablets, PSPs, laptops and PCs when in a 4G coverage area1

Access to the Fastest Mobile Speeds in Australia: When in a 4Gcoverage area, you can download or upload large files quicker such as videos, photos or images faster than ever before to improve productivity whilst away from the office which is critical for businesses that manage large files on a daily basis like journalists, photographers, film producers, health professionals.

Low Latency = better Network performance: Means less time to connect to internet pages, or to stream video (with less buffering), making it much faster for businesses to connect to content and cloud-based applications while working away from the office. Plus with greater capacity on 4G customers can use more bandwidth-hungry applications like HD video conferencing.

A superior Mobile Broadband Experience: All these factors combine to provide the potential for a superior mobile broadband service for Telstra’s customers giving them greater freedom and momentum to connect to the things, people and experiences that are important to them.