The Essential Guide to Choosing Your Business Phone System

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Starting a new business comes with an absolute avalanche of decisions that demand your attention. From figuring out the company logo, securing business premises, to organising the dreaded administrative side of things, there are literally dozens of things to decide before you begin trading. While it may be less glamorous than the interior design options […]

HTC One M9 Review


Some business books have big fans in managers and employees of those companies that are always seeking the next “game changer” – one that promises to revolutionise a market and change the way the world looks at a particular product. The iTunes store did this for downloading music in the early 2000s, and before that, […]

Facebook Messenger Wants to Change the Way Your Business Communicates


Whether you run a small business on the Sunshine Coast, a medium sized enterprise located in Brisbane, or a multinational company with regional headquarters in Sydney, chances are that each of these businesses share one common thread. They will all likely have a Facebook presence. The social networking site that began as a way for […]

Make Money From Your Old Phones and Gadgets

Phone Money

Take a minute next time you pull out your phone and think about how many different handsets you’ve had over the years. If you’re anything like us at Tele2, between regular upgrades, unfortunate accidents, and the occasional impulse buy of a shiny new device, you’ll have around half a dozen phones in your history. It’s […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 – How Does It Stack Up?

Galaxy S6

The arms race in smartphones has recently seen a range of new offerings come on to the market from brash upstarts to former giants like Nokia. Adding even more interest to the mix are the headline grabbing exploits of companies who have never made a phone handset before, such as the much hyped Project Ara […]

Tele 2 Maintenance Cover for Telephone Systems

Business Phone System

Telephone systems, multimedia devices, tablets and mobile phones are all tools that open up endless options for businesses. They make it possible to at once streamline work processes and do things more quickly, while providing better customer service and quality. That is, of course, until they stop working. When the simplest tool like the business […]

How Simple Phone Etiquette Can Win You Big Business

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As a provider of small business telephone and connectivity solutions, it probably will not come as a surprise that we really value good phone manners. The difference between a terrible customer service experience and one that you makes you smile and want to recommend the company can often come down to a simple phone conversation. […]

Motorola Moto X Review – Back to Their Best

Motorola Moto X

In recent years, the market for Australian smartphones has become a little like the Australian supermarket landscape: dominated by two industry giants. While Coles and Woolworths account for the vast majority of spending on our weekly groceries, Apple and Samsung have come to dominate the battle for our smartphones. That’s why many technology types and […]

How Comics, TV and Sci-Fi Foresight Inspired Devices of Today


With touch-screen tablets and screens, voice activated robots that live on our phones, and 3D televisions all readily available, it’s sometimes easy to take for granted the incredible technological advances that led to these things becoming everyday items. For generations, movies, science fiction and even children’s shows like The Jetsons envisioned the gadgets and devices […]

Facts and Myths About the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


When any new technology release rolls around, there are generally two kinds of people. The first are the true believers who will rush out and buy it the first moment it is on sale, whether it is a phone, tablet or console. The second camp is (generally) larger, and adopts a more measured approach. They […]

How Mobile Phones Have Changed the Way Australians Buy and Sell

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Over a long history of innovation, we’ve all probably seen how a new technology or advancement has unforeseen consequences and benefits. Take the example of the kite experiment that was conducted by Benjamin Franklin to prove that lightning was electrical. At the time, not a single person on Earth could have envisioned a future populated […]