Apps to Keep Your Children’s Phone Safe

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It’s a favourite fun fact of ours at Tele2 that until last year, the words, “NSW wins the State of Origin series” had never been typed into an iPhone. As a proud Queensland-based business, that fact certainly gives us some satisfaction, but the really interesting thing is how it puts into perspective how quickly smartphones […]

Start 2015 With Better Communication Tools

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For millions of Australians, each new year invariably comes with one or more personal New Year’s resolutions to improve some aspect of their lives. But what about resolutions for the tens of thousands of small businesses across the nation? For a small business, one of the smartest New Year’s resolutions you can make is giving […]

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Delivers Solutions For Small Businesses in Australia


When one year ends and another is about to start we get the chance to reflect how our decisions for the year played out. Often, businesses make a big call heading into a new calendar year about a tweak to their customer service or an investment in a new piece of hardware. Research from telecom research agency Software […]

The Future of Mobile Phones


In the short space of a decade we’ve gone from marvelling at how our mobile phones had colour screens to taking for granted the large, beautiful touch screen phones that almost everyone now carries in their pockets and handbags. The computer that sent man to the moon and back took up an entire room, but […]

Taking A Look At The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Until this year, the sentence “NSW wins State of Origin Series” had never been truthfully typed into an iPhone. While it’s a fun statistic (especially for we Queenslanders) it also goes to show how rapidly smartphones and their larger cousins, the tablets, have evolved in the last few years. While smartphones with big beautiful screens […]

Introducing the NEC Univerge SV9000

NEC Univerge SV9000

With the busy holiday season fast approaching, communication becomes even more important than ever. But while the holidays are a time when messages are conveyed via Christmas cards and over a cold drink after a hot day, the importance of business communications are just as crucial – as many small businesses and sole traders experience […]

Telstra 4GX Will Change How We Use Our Mobile Phones


Consumer electronics and hardware evolve so fast that our brand new mobile phones and tablets are often out of date before even two birthdays have passed. But it isn’t just our devices that require updating. The physical infrastructure that is the backbone of how we use these devices also needs regular updating to make sure […]

Telephones and Thunderstorms – What are the risks?

Faulty Mobile Charger

Living in Queensland comes with an incredibly long list of benefits. Beautiful weather that is the envy of the rest of Australia with warm, balmy summers and mild winters, and an outdoor lifestyle that is unmatched. But part of living in this great state means being adaptable to extreme weather events. Storms that arrive suddenly […]

The Business Benefits of Teleconferencing

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The Business Benefits of Teleconferencing The rapid increase of the capabilities of desktop computers, tablets and even our mobile phones have changed our personal and professional lives in ways that no one foresaw ten years ago. One of the biggest benefits for business that has been unlocked through better video and voice quality over long […]

The Essential Guide to Choosing Your Business Phone System

office phone system

Starting a new business comes with an absolute avalanche of decisions that demand your attention. From figuring out the company logo, securing business premises, to organising the dreaded administrative side of things, there are literally dozens of things to decide before you begin trading. While it may be less glamorous than the interior design options […]

Why 99% of your website visitors don’t convert and how to get them back!

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Did you know that 99% of visitors to your website leave without contacting you? A good landing page can get an 8-10% conversion rate. The average website however only gets a below 1% conversion rate. This means up to 99% of your website visitors leave without connecting to your business. This is a problem, especially […]

Dirty Phones Can Make You Sick!


A recent report into the hygiene of hotel rooms revealed where the number one “hot spot” for germs was. However, when people were asked to nominate this, almost no one correctly picked which part of the room contained the most germs. High on the list of responses was the bathroom, closely followed by the bed […]

Getting Your Business Into the Cloud

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A recently released movie had an amusing line in the trailer where one character angrily asks “You can’t get it down from the Cloud???” to which her husband responds “No one understands the Cloud, it’s a mystery!!!” That might be the feeling that many people have, but the fact is, there are experts on the […]

The Deadly Risks of Using Non-Approved Chargers and Cables

Faulty Mobile Charger

It’s one of the most common problems of the smartphone, tablet and laptop driven society that we live in today: the purchase of a mobile device comes with one standard charger per unit. And all too often, that one charger eventually breaks, goes missing or becomes the dog’s chew toy for a brief moment. In […]