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Share your data reliably over long distances.

Most businesses rely on data communications much more than they might realize. Traditionally web browsing and general Internet access only needed a business ADSL line (data over telephone lines), but so many businesses are realizing the cost benefits of web-based business applications and true Cloud services that high speed data links are becoming a necessity for good customer service, productivity and profit.

High-speed data links are very expensive and that NBN delivery date keeps shifting, so what can you do now to get the bandwidth you need?

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Tele2’s WAN optimization products at a fixed monthly cost will make your current links perform like a much larger data connection, but if you’re planning to install or have already invested in Ethernet Lite, Connect IP or similar high speed links, have you considered sharing that link between your sites?
Long distance wireless communications have been used for years to provide reliable data connectivity between mine sites, remote location businesses and farms.

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Tele2 has brought these technologies to the Coast and our customers are already seeing the benefits of sharing a fast data link, rather than paying for additional connections for each place of business.

Tele2 consultants can plan, install and manage your wireless links and offer flexible payment terms, so you can choose to buy outright, pay monthly on your Telstra bill or rent from us direct.

Wireless links will be subject to site qualification and may not be available for all locations.

Talk to us today about how our wireless radio links, Steelhead acceleration and Wireless LANs can transform your business.