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Meru Networks provides a virtualised wireless LAN solution that cost effectively optimises the enterprise network to deliver the performance, reliability, predictability and operational simplicity of a wired network, with the advantages of mobility. Meru’s solution represents an innovative approach to wireless networking that utilises virtualisation technology to create and intelligent and self monitoring wireless network, and enables enterpriese to migrate their business critical applications from wired networks to wireless networks, and become all wireless enterprises. Meru’s solutions have been adopted in all major industry vertical markets, including fortune 500 enterprises, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and government.

Meru virtualised wireless networks are changing how enterprises view and use wireless networks. With:

  • Mission-Critical application availability
  • Lower Cost of wireless LAN ownership
  • An incomparable user experience
  • No dropped calls
  • No complicated deployments, no rigid architectures, no future limitations
  • 99.99% Wireless availability serivce assurance
  • Deployment within hours or days

Making a change does not require a leap of faith. Meru’s customers have had experience with traditional wireless networks and all of them replaced those networks with a Meru virtualised network. Meru’s patented builds on industry standards – to set new performance standards.

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MC3200 Wireless LAN Controller

The MC3200 wireless controller gives you a system-wide view of your network by delivering centralized configuration and administration and multilevel security. In addition, it gives you real-time coordination of all access points in your wireless LAN—so that you can optimally allocate shared resources and eliminate cross-channel interference.

Every access point the MC3200 wireless controller manages becomes part of Meru’s Virtual Cell, shifting control from devices to your network by allowing devices to see only one virtualized point of access—no matter how many physical access points you deploy. With the MC3200, you can eliminate complex channel planning, scale your network to meet your requirements, and deliver switch-like reliability.

Feature MC3200
Network Size Medium to large enterprises
Access Points Supported 200
Clients Supported 2,000
Connectivity 4 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet


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