Sunshine Coast Cloud IT Services and Data Connectivity

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Cloud computing has made the jump from an exciting new technological concept and early stage application to a widely adopted business tool for small and medium sized businesses in a range of fields.

The efficiency of cloud IT services means that these smaller users are able to utilise the same products and benefit from the same advantages as vastly larger and better-resourced big business and government.

Sunshine Coast IT Services

Tele2 provide Cloud IT services and migration solutions as well as a range of data connections from Telstra. We are also specialists in providing an analysis of your existing network and providing acceleration products from Riverbed.

Adopting a cloud-based IT service infrastructure is a step-by-step process, and one in which Tele2 can assist. We start by working with clients to review their existing IT infrastructure and determine which IT services can be separated and replaced by cloud services. We will provide an analysis of your network and plan your connectivity requirements.  Our team of Sunshine Coast IT experts can connect you to a large range of cloud services including Microsoft Office 365 and Telstra’s Cloud Services.

Data and Internet

Data and Connectivity is a vital component for any Sunshine Coast business and Tele2 can provide you with help and advice to assist you in making the right choice.

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