Sunshine Coast Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

With our headquarters here on the Sunshine Coast, Tele2 is the leading provider of South East QLD telephone systems.

We are well recognised for our exceptional phone system service throughout the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. We supply and maintain a range of on-premise PABX phone systems such as NEC and years have seen many of our business clients make the transition to Voice over IP (VOIP) for their communications.

Tele2 has an expert team of phone system technicians that can supply, install and service a large range of premium telephone systems. We can also supply maintenance contracts for all businesses that will ensure you phone systems are kept in full working order.

We can offer monthly payment options for your new phone system. Monthly costs can be extremely low for phone system rentals as well as hosted Cloud systems. Please contact us today to start saving on your call costs!

Interested in a VoIP or SIP solution – what next?

  • Contact Tele2. Call us to discuss your options around VoIP and SIP.   We’re not hard sell, we’re local and we want to see your business succeed.
  • Tell us about your business and we’ll advise which phone system option is best for you.
  • Tele can provide 2nd hand phone systems for an unbelievable price!
  • We can offer you phone system rentals and also a cost per handset per month.
  • Ask us to dissect alternative SIP and VoIP phone system proposals free of charge.
  • Allow our phone system experts to capacity plan your deployment and advise the least cost, best performance system.

Contact our ICT services team now for a free Telephone System Consultation