Why Should I Upgrade?




The old adage “Why fix it if it’s not broken?” is fine to live by if you are not relying on the item in question.

If you don’t regularly service your washing machine, and you can go without one for a few days or a week until you get one sorted, no worries.

If you don’t get your car looked after and you have a spare if it breaks down, cool.

BUT, can you survive in your business without a phone system for a few weeks while your new one is ordered, programmed and set up onto your phone lines? If you have an obsolete or outdated phone system, this could be the scenario if yours fails.

NEC has sent out a list of obsolete systems such as the Topaz and the Xen. At Tele2, we try to keep spare parts for the older systems so that we can look after our customers, but those parts are no longer available.

If you have phones which you think may not keep up with the new technology, give us a call.

Don’t make the mistake of only getting in contact with an expert source when you think you’ve made a final decision. At Tele2, we can provide you obligation free advice at an early stage of your research. Very often, we get small businesses come to us thinking they’ve made a final choice, but without knowing all their options.

VOIP business phone systems have fantastic benefits when compared to traditional systems.